As your Council President, I make a daily commitment to leave no one behind as our city grows and prospers. I have started a Back-to-Business program that provides over 1,000 small and medium businesses with the opportunity to learn and grow within the city and throughout the state.  I have helped create initiatives to increase small businesses and minority and veteran owned businesses. I also have implemented inclusionary polices to foster job creation and skills building in underserved communities in the city and been a champion for legislation requiring employers to pay employees a livable wage.

Atlanta continues to top the list as having the biggest income gap between the city’s rich and poor.  Atlanta’s economy has grown dramatically in the last couple of years, but far too many residents find themselves on the outside of the city’s growth.

Our most economically vulnerable residents are often forced to fend for themselves when it comes to getting the training and resources they need and connecting with existing opportunities.  As your Mayor, I will work with nonprofits, government agencies, and businesses to find solutions to solve the city’s increasing income inequality problem.