Statement from Ceasar on Indictment at City Hall

Photo Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi / AJC

Photo Credit: Kelly Yamanouchi / AJC

The indictment of the former Chief Procurement Officer for bribery in the ongoing federal investigation into City Hall is very distressing and serious.  This is one of the biggest corruption scandals in our city’s history with no end in sight.  Indeed, it appears there is a culture of corruption.  In order to prevent a crisis in our government, the City Council must take the lead on reforming the procurement process and restoring trust and transparency in city government.

I am reaffirming my proposal to put a moratorium on all non-emergency city contracts that do not expire until next year, especially the multi-year, billion dollar airport concessions contracts that do not expire until well over a year from now, which is long after this Administration and this City Council leave office.

Additionally, we must also take the following actions:

1.  The Council and Administration need to conduct a full-scale independent audit of the procurement process and act with urgency on its findings.

2.  The Council and Administration must pass legislation to require all procurements and contracts be online for the public to view.

While the city’s procurement process is not within my purview as Council President, I am committed to doing my part to begin a new chapter in City Hall. I urge anyone - city employees or citizens - with information regarding corruption to notify the proper legal authorities immediately.  I also urge the Administration to cooperate fully with federal investigators and be as transparent as possible with the public and the press.

As Mayor, I will strengthen our ethics code and bring greater transparency to City Hall. I will set the example.  There will be no room in my Administration for any illegal or unethical conduct.  Even the appearance of unethical conduct will not be tolerated.

I am determined to take any steps necessary to restore trust and transparency.  And to have a government that is as good as its people.  That is my pledge to the people of Atlanta.

PressCaryAnn Liner