Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery Endorses Ceasar Mitchell For Mayor

ATLANTA (July 13, 2017) –  Iconic civil rights leader and social activist, Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery, has formally endorsed Ceasar Mitchell for Mayor of Atlanta. Joined by a diverse group of nearly thirty young Atlantans, Lowery spoke about why he believes Mitchell’s leadership and experience stand out among the crowded field of candidates. He also discussed the critical nature of the upcoming election and encouraged millennials to support Mitchell because of his willingness to ensure their voices are heard.

Lowery noted Mitchell’s long-standing record of service, understanding of the inner workings of government, his legal and business acumen as well as his connection to communities “from Buckhead to Lowery & Boone” as key differentiators. “Ceasar will not have to have a ‘training period’ to learn what the mayor does,” Lowery said. “I think Ceasar is best qualified from many perspectives, particularly his familiarity with the problems of this city. As president of Atlanta City Council, he has been challenged to deal with issues that are pertinent to the progress and well-being of the city. He’s ready to be our mayor.”

Lowery, who is still spritely and civically-engaged at 95 years old, has fought against prejudice and discrimination for more than five decades. Following his formal remarks, he quipped, “If you have any easy questions, I will be glad to entertain them. Difficult questions – shoot them to the next mayor!” When asked how young citizens can help the city and Mitchell’s bid for mayor, Lowery replied. “Young people can challenge older people to weigh all the issues and factors involved in running a city, and I think they’ll find that Ceasar Mitchell will be in their corner.”

“Dr. Lowery has been an incredible inspiration to me and so many others, not just in the city, but around the world,” said Ceasar Mitchell, Mayoral candidate and Atlanta City Council President. “His support, guidance, and wisdom will be a source of accountability and responsibility for me. As Dr. Lowery has clearly expressed his high expectations of where this city needs to go, I am humbled, excited and certainly ready to meet the charge! My vision for Atlanta”

In addition to receiving Lowery’s support, Mitchell has earned endorsements from a number of civic leaders and members of the clergy, as well as the Professional Association of City Employees. (P.A.C.E.), which represents thousands of working families in Atlanta.