Ensuring A Sustainable City

Caring for the well-being of our residents must be a high priority for the next administration.  With your help, I will make Atlanta a clean, green and thriving city, by implementing 21st century cost savings principals to increase the city’s solar power and renewable energy.

As your Council President, I established the city’s Park Technical Advisory Group to provide recommendations on how to achieve and sustain a world-class parks and recreation system. I also created the city’s Clean Green Team to provide sustainable best practices and resources to over 22 community groups to improve their neighborhoods.

Together, WE will:

  • Work with energy providers to create shared renewable energy arrangements, allowing several energy customers to share the benefit of one local renewable energy plant
  • Execute solar panel leases to authorize renewable energy providers to install, operate, and maintain solar panels on city properties to improve the city’s air quality, help distribute the generation of renewable energy, increase the reliability of energy grids, and create opportunities for local renewable energy business growth in the city
  • Improve efficiency in government services by using solar-powered smart trash cans throughout the city
  • Create citywide water conservation education campaigns focused on using modern plumbing methods and equipment in city schools, parks, playgrounds, fire stations, and residential and commercial properties
  • Implement energy efficiency improvements at all city owned buildings, fire stations, and police stations such as switching to a more energy efficient lighting system and automated temperature settings
  • Replace all city street lights with LED lights that have longer life expectancies, exert less energy, and consume less power than standard lights
  • Create healthy infrastructure and environments for urban and community farmers to flourish