Supporting Small Business

Small businesses are the bloodline of our city’s economy. In 2016, Atlanta was ranked the top 8 out of 30 best cities for small business entrepreneurs for retail, scientific services, healthcare and construction by Small Biz Trends. However, there is much more that can be done to encourage and attract small and medium-sized business to the city. Atlanta’s small businesses should see City Hall as a partner and not a barrier to their growth.

Together, WE will:

  • Create a Small Business Task Force dedicated to creating solutions to support small business and start-up company’s growth and make recommendations on increasing access to capital and improving workforce training
  • Expand my current Back-to-Business Series to bring even more small businesses together to provide them with the  opportunity to learn and grow within the city and the state
  • Attract new and encourage existing private equity and venture capital firms to invest in local start-ups and small businesses
  • Provide local preference initiatives to ensure the local talent from our colleges and universities stay in Atlanta after graduation
  • Allocate additional resources to Invest Atlanta to incentivize businesses to open, relocate, and expand their operations in the southern region of the city
  • Strengthen and expand the city’s technology corridor to improve efficiency in services and find tech enabled solutions to address traditional problems in the city
  • Create a “one stop shop” website to simplify the city’s licensing and permitting process, making it easier for entrepreneurs to find the appropriate license and permits applications, apply for and renew licenses online and follow their applications throughout the entire process