Building A School-To-Success Pipeline

Not every student who graduates from high school will go to college. Unfortunately, having a high school diploma is no longer sufficient for today’s workforce. While our local colleges and universities continue to produce large numbers of graduates each year, many employers complain about not being able to find qualified talent to satisfy their organization’s needs. Through partnership with the Atlanta Public School System and the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency, I will ensure that every student who graduates from high school will be certified workforce ready and employable.

Together, WE will:

  • Eliminate the School-to-Prison Pipeline and develop a School-to-Success Pipeline that work with the school system to ensure that our schools are used as pathways for opportunity instead of incarceration
  • Work with the school system and the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to help close the workforce skills gap by providing students with both career exploration and readiness skills
  • Provide students with hard skills, such as math and science and 21st century soft skills, such as problem-solving and collaboration, to create well-rounded professionals that get and keep jobs in high-growth industries
  • Build programming to help students identify their desired careers and better understand how to develop the skills necessary to achieve success
  • Offer a job training program through the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency that focuses on providing recent high school graduates with the training necessary to take advantage of the city’s booming film and entertainment industries