Maintaining An Open and Fair Government

Residents have the right to know exactly how their tax dollars are being used, which includes how much is being spent on city services, which businesses are being awarded city contracts and how much money is given to each contractor.  As your Mayor, I will create an open government atmosphere where access to information by residents will be easy, fast, and free of charge.

Together, WE will:

  • Develop a transparency portal to provide public access to all city spending online for free, without the need of an open records request
  • Ensure fair, transparent, and ethical dealings with all city contracts and vendors to guarantee all businesses have equal access to the city’s contracting process
  • Safeguard against bribery, corruption, and pay-to-play deals in our procurement process
  • Place information regarding city contracts and vendors online for public inspection to ensure fairness and transparency in our procurement process
  • Implement a “cooling off” period for vendors to prevent the same contractors from being awarded multiple contracts in short periods of time
  • Restrict the use of “no bid” contracts and create safeguards to restore the integrity of the city’s procurement process
  • Conduct an immediate audit of all major city contracts to ensure that the city is not being overcharged or is overpaying for services
  • Create an inventory database for equipment used by each city department to make sure that all city property and equipment is properly accounted for and logged