Forming An Office of Youth Services

City Hall must do more to engage and enhance the development of the city’s youth. As your mayor, I will ensure that City Hall is doing its part by partnering with our school system to help provide our youth with quality skills, programs, and services to ensure that they become productive members of society.

Together, WE will:

  • Partner with the Atlanta Public School System to offer high-quality programming to benefit our youth
  • Provide substantive summer employment, apprenticeship and mentorship programs that give our youth the opportunity to gain real-life practicable employment experience to keep them busy during the summer months and equip them with skills to be successful in tomorrow’s economy
  • Use multi-disciplinary approaches and interagency partnerships with the Atlanta Public Schools and the Atlanta Police Department to provide prevention and intervention services to at-risk youth
  • Develop a comprehensive mentorship program to provide at-risk youth with one-on-one support to overcome their challenges both in and out of school
  • Implement regular briefings between City Hall and the school system to ensure true collaboration to develop sustainable education policies and to guarantee the flow of accurate and current information from the school system to the mayor's office