Increasing Lights and Cameras

Currently, the Atlanta Police Foundation plans to install a total of 12,000 cameras at various locations throughout the city. These cameras will interact with the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center to strengthen the police department’s capability to surveillance and prevent and solve crime. However, many of the cameras presently installed are located in concentrated areas, leaving “blind spots” throughout the city.

Together, WE will:

  • Work with the Atlanta Police Foundation and the police department to strategically install over 22,000 surveillance cameras and license plate readers throughout the city to improve public safety
  • Provide body cameras for all of our patrol officers to promote professionalism, accountability, and transparency, by documenting interactions with the public and aiding in the preservation of evidence
  • Expose “dark spots” throughout our city and provide adequate street lighting to ensure that every street is well lit to prevent crime
  • Work with Georgia Power to replace our current street lamps with LED lights that last twice as long as standard street lights and use less energy