Creating Good Jobs

In order to have a city that truly works for everyone, residents must have access to quality good paying jobs. Atlanta continues to top the list as having the widest gap between its wealthiest and poorest residents in the United States. We must attack poverty head on by providing real support programs for job training and providing assistance to our most vulnerable residents.

Together, WE will:

  • Partner with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to connect residents with job opportunities and offer services such as GED preparation, resume building, job readiness and interview skills and computer literacy through our recreation centers
  • Encourage local businesses to hire and retain residents from high unemployment neighborhoods by offering them tax incentives
  • Encourage employers to utilize the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to satisfy their labor needs
  • Incentivize businesses to open, relocate, and expand their operations in the southern region of the city to create more jobs and economic development
  • Partner with the private sector to create new and expand current job training and recruitment programs throughout the city
  • Pay all city employees a living wage of $15.00 per hour to ensure that our employees are living above the poverty line