Making Infrastructure Improvements

The recent influx of road dissolutions, potholes, and sinkholes are huge indicators that our aging infrastructure can no longer be ignored. Instead of performing temporary fixes, I will make improving our city streets and roads a priority by implementing long term sustainable solutions to preserving our road frameworks.

Together, WE will:

  • Synchronize the city’s traffic light system to improve the flow of traffic and keep vehicles moving
  • Conduct an immediate assessment of our bridges, roads, and streets to prioritize repairs and concentrate spending for the ones in the most desperate need of repair
  • Reassess the funding from the Renew Atlanta Infrastructure Bond to ensure the more severe infrastructure improvements receive immediate attention
  • Prohibit the storage of all materials and equipment under bridges located in the city limits
  • Implement strategies to quickly repair potholes and sinkholes
  • Revitalize all of our major corridors that bear the name of Atlanta’s civil rights’ leaders to preserve the rich history of our city