Improving Homelessness

Hunger, poverty and homelessness are longstanding problems in Atlanta.  According to a 2016 Study conducted by WalletHub, Atlanta ranks as the 4th neediest city among 150 cities.  In the absence of more affordable housing options or transitional housing, many of our neediest residents take to the street for shelter. The key to truly solving Atlanta’s homelessness problem is to offer real solutions and not limit the options for homeless residents.

Together, WE will:

  • Create a Homelessness Task Force to provide recommendations for long-term strategies to address the city’s homeless crisis rooted in mental health services, drug abuse counseling and job training
  • Provide funding to support transitional housing and wraparound services initiatives throughout the city
  • Work with nonprofits to increase the supply of supportive housing for homeless residents
  • Develop rapid re-housing to provide temporary financial assistance and services to return people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing
  • Work with the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency to create sustainable job training programs to help homeless residents get back on their feet
  • Partner with mental health service providers to provide treatment and behavioral health rehabilitative services to help our homeless residents with mental issues