Managing Gentrification

While new development is a good indicator of a strong local economy and will always be welcomed in our city, we must send a strong message to developers that Atlanta and its people are not for sale!  Development should not be encouraged at the expense of our residents.  As your mayor, I will put polices and practices in place to ensure that residents are not priced out of their neighborhoods and that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from city growth.

Together, WE will:

  • Implement inclusionary housing zones by requiring developers to set aside a percentage of housing that is affordable to people with low to moderate incomes
  • Revise the city’s Affordable Housing Policy to require residential developers receiving city grants or subsidies to increase their affordable housing levels
  • Place caps on annual property tax hikes in underserved communities to prevent residents from being priced out or displaced from their homes due to urban redevelopment
  • Partner with nonprofits and community-based organizations to keep housing at affordable rates for low and middle income families by creating rent control programs
  • Ensure that all of the city’s first-time homebuyer programs and resources are easily available and accessible to residents
  • Encourage homeownership by rewarding residents who have remained in their homes for over 10 years and experienced significant increased in property assessment