Expanding MARTA

The lack of vehicle alternative transit options is a huge barrier to our city’s mobility. To truly alleviate the traffic congestion in our city, we must develop a comprehensive public transportation strategy that offers real transit options to move commuters through the city easily.

Together, WE will:

  • Engage regional and state partners to develop transportation strategies and solutions to reduce traffic and improve driving in the city
  • Partner with MARTA to create additional light rails, expand current rails, and add additional bus routes
  • Encourage MARTA expansion along the Beltline and Streetcar
  • Encourage MARTA to improve bus schedules by offering earlier and later transit services for rider’s convenience
  • Work with our federal and state agencies to secure support and funding for MARTA
  • Collaborate with MARTA to develop a strategy to expand MARTA trains and buses into all metro Atlanta counties
  • Assist existing efforts to expand MARTA in suburban areas outside of the city’s limits
  • Help improve cellular service by offering Wi-Fi service on MARTA and the Streetcar