Making Transparency A Priority

Besides working on behalf of residents, operating with the utmost highest ethical standards and protecting and preserving the integrity of City Hall are the most important responsibilities expected of the Mayor’s Office.  City Hall must do everything possible to guard against conflicts of interest and help preserve the public’s trust so that residents have confidence in their city government.

Together, WE will:

  • Reorganize the City of Atlanta Office of Compliance to provide oversight authority to the city’s Ethics Office and the Internal Auditor’s Office and ensure each office effectively works together to guard against wrongdoing by elected officials and city employees
  • Create an Office of Compliance Inspector dedicated to strengthening the employees and the public’s trust in its public officials by investigating all allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption
  • Offer Whistleblower Incentives to encourage people to expose illegal, unethical, and misbehavior in government and guard against retaliation
  • Review and update the city’s Ethics Code to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws and incorporate best practices from other municipalities
  • Strengthen the city’s grievance procedures by allowing the public to file and track their complaints against elected officials, city employees and law enforcement officers online