Putting Customer Service First

One of the biggest complaints received about City Hall is that our city government is not very “user friendly.”  Many of the services offered by the city are not conveniently accessible online, requiring residents to either call over the phone and experience long wait times or drive to City Hall, pay for parking and navigate through the various departments to get their issues address. When services are available online, the platforms used to host the sites tend to be out-of-date and do not interface with each other.  To truly be a 21st century city, we must provide the appropriate technology infrastructure and offer first-in-class customer service to improve the customer’s experience.

Together, WE will:

  • Provide first-in-class customer service at City Hall by focusing on the customer experience and training city employees to adequately address issues and complaints from the public
  • Automate all of the city’s services online and provide 24-hour online access to city services and resources, such as trash pick-up, pothole and street repairs requests, park reservations and applying for and renewing business licenses and permits
  • Develop innovative ways for residents to provide real-time public comment and input on development plans, zoning matters and license permits, without leaving the convenience of their homes
  • Create a Chief Customer Officer position to develop strategies to improve the customer experience at City Hall and make customers feel welcomed when they enter the facility
  • Streamline the city’s automated services to ensure that each platform used by city departments interfaces to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Leverage technology to provide free public Wi-Fi access