Preventing Crime

Crime is at the forefront of every Atlantan’s mind. Criminals have become more tactical in their behavior, warranting the city to change the way it deals with crime. To truly prevent crime, we must take a more strategic approach to get to the root causes and offer real solutions that focus on prevention, education, job and opportunity creation, rehabilitation and community partnerships.

Together, WE will:

  • Work with the police department, prosecutors, and the courts to ensure that high-risk and violent offenders are convicted and remain behind bars
  • Aggressively target first-time offenders to rehabilitate them and prevent them from becoming career criminals
  • Provide first-time nonviolent offenders the opportunity to have a fresh start by completing drug education, rehabilitation, and reentry programs
  • Provide sufficient resources to strengthen the city’s Repeat Offenders Program
  • Identify our city’s crime “hot spots” to make sure those areas have sufficient police presence and resources
  • Collaborate with the Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta Public School Police Department to develop strategies to aggressively target juvenile crime and truancy
  • Empower our Code Enforcement Agency to vigorously target housing violations that can create breeding grounds for criminal activities