Increasing Community Policing

Strong relationships of mutual trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve are critical to maintaining public safety and ensuring efficiency in policing. Law enforcement rely heavily on the cooperation of community members to provide information about crime in their neighborhoods and work with the police to help find solutions. We must provide more opportunities for our law enforcement officers to move beyond their offices and squad cars to engage in meaningful conversation with the community.

Together, WE will:

  • Increase our Community police presence by adding Precincts to EVERY neighborhood fire station
  • Provide opportunities for officers to interact with the community by assigning officers to specific neighborhoods for longer periods of time to encourage familiarity
  • Increase police interactions with the community outside of the criminal justice system to eliminate fear and build trust
  • Encourage residents to help develop policies, practices, and procedures for our police department
  • Create citywide educational campaigns to educate the public on new policies and initiatives
  • Use community meetings, church gatherings, NPUs and town halls to address community concerns and provide outlets for residents to be heard and receive public safety information
  • Empower neighborhood watch groups and leaders to improve safety of their own neighborhoods
  • Be more transparent and immediately responsive to the public in the release of information regarding police-resident interactions
  • Review and update the city’s policies, training, and data collection on use of force and make those policies accessible to the public