Bringing Light to Blight

Atlanta has a serious blight problem, and our residents are rightly concerned. Vacant and abandoned properties are huge barriers for economic development in our city. Through partnerships with state legislators, the Atlanta Housing Authority, Habitat for Humanity, the Land Bank Authority, and Invest Atlanta, I will turn blighted properties into beacons of light for the community.

Together, WE will:

  • Create a Fight the Blight Taskforce to develop an inventory database of all blighted properties and vacant lots in the city and make recommendations on how to solve the city’s blight problem
  • Allocate sufficient funding for code enforcement to ensure the safety and sanitary conditions of housing and commercial properties and to clear demolition project backlogs
  • Repurpose abandoned and vacant homes in the city and turn them into affordable housing options for low-income residents and workforce housing for law enforcement and educators
  • Enlist communities to help fight blight by reporting blighted properties straight to code enforcement through the use of a smartphone application
  • Aggressively target owners of blighted properties and require them to take steps to remediate their property
  • Provide adequate funding for the city’s Limited Repairs Program to provide free minor home repairs for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Work with private partnerships to create a tire recycling program to prevent tire dumping throughout the city