Supporting Afterschool Programs

Parents across the city recognize the tremendous benefits a quality afterschool program can provide.  Afterschool programs offer an array of activities that are not always available during the traditional school day.  These programs afford students the opportunity to grow and learn skills they might not learn elsewhere.  For our youth to truly thrive and be competitive in tomorrow’s economy, the learning process cannot end once the school day is over.

Together, WE will:

  • Partner with our technology community to expose youth to 21st century skills such as coding and STEAM education (curriculum based on science, technology, engineering, arts ,and mathematics) to provide them with the necessary skills to progress with advancing technology and prepare them for in-demand job sectors
  • Offer programming to teach the 4C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity and other important skills such as social and emotional intelligence, technology literacy and problem solving abilities.
  • Work with financial institutions to offer financial literacy and responsibility workshops to teach youth money management skills
  • Expose our youth to the arts by offering programs in music, theater, painting and other visual arts
  • Partner with the business community to establish a strong mentorship program that encourages and inspires our youth to succeed