Providing Access to Healthcare

With all of the uncertainty happening nationally surrounding healthcare, it is important that our city makes access to quality healthcare easier, not harder for residents.  Atlanta currently has an unequal access to quality medical centers because most of our hospitals are located in midtown and downtown, which is not always the most convenient options for seniors and residents without transportation.

Together, WE will:

  • Work with the medical industry to transform abandoned and vacant shopping centers in the southern region of the city into modern medical centers to care for residents in underserved communities
  • Incentivize hospitals and medical facilities to open more satellite offices in the southern region of the city
  • Transform our Centers of Hope facilities into Community Health Centers to provide local access to preventative, routine, and urgent care services for seniors, women, and children
  • Utilize medical students from local colleges and universities by providing residency and clinical experience to offer affordable health services at the city’s Community Health Centers
  • Partner with behavioral health providers to create anti-stigma campaigns to take the shame out of mental illness and provide greater access to treatment