Gathering Community Input

For far too long, residents have complained about not knowing what is happening with their government and not having a say in the decisions that affect their neighborhoods. Through strong partnerships with our neighborhood associations and implementing an open door policy, we will ensure that all residents have an opportunity for their voices to be heard and finally put community input back into City Hall.

Together WE will:

  • Empower our Neighborhood Planning Units (“NPUs”) and neighborhood associations by respecting their input and ensure that their recommendations are taken into consideration for every major development project in the city
  • Implement a Community Benefits Agreement policy, which requires developers to provide benefits and investments in the local communities where they choose to build
  • Host quarterly town hall meetings throughout the city to address residents’ issues and concerns and provide a direct line of communication with the community, the mayor and city department heads
  • Ensure city union representatives are included in all decision-making processes impacting city employees
  • Develop options to allow residents to provide online public comment during public meetings to avoid the inconvenience of coming to City Hall
  • Work with communities to preserve historic landmarks