Creating Transit Options

Atlanta's traffic problems are proof that the city is too dependent on vehicles.  Residents cite being stuck in traffic as the most stressful part of their day.  We must offer comprehensive transit solutions and forward-thinking alternatives that provide residents with options to move about the city freely without having to use their vehicles.

Together, WE will:

  • Create a Department of Transportation within City Hall dedicated to overseeing all transportation projects and expansions
  • Work with communities and biking and pedestrian organizations to make Atlanta a more bike-friendly city
  • Make the city a more walkable city by increase the connectivity of the Beltline and installing more sidewalks
  • Leverage technology to create a single card and smartphone application that allows the public to conveniently pay for all of the city’s transit options such as MARTA, the Streetcar and the Bike Share Program
  • Expand the city’s Bike Share Program by providing access to bikes throughout the entire city
  • Extend the city’s current contract with mobile payment service providers and add additional locations to allow the public to easily pay for parking using their smartphones