Broad Coalition of Faith-Based Leaders Endorse Ceasar Mitchell for Mayor

Today Ceasar Mitchell earned the endorsement for mayor from a diverse group of more thirty faith-based leaders, representing a mix of denominations. Ministers, Imams and Rabbis held a unified meeting to discuss critical issues facing the city and why they collectively support Mitchell for mayor.  Collectively, the religious leaders cite Mitchell’s integrity, leadership, and service as traits that differentiate him from the crowded field of candidates.

Key concerns include public safety, criminal justice reform, affordable housing, homelessness and corruption at City Hall. The group expressed a commitment to working collaboratively with Mitchell to find solutions that can be implemented within his first ninety days in office.

“Ceasar Mitchell is my choice for mayor because he is qualified and ready to serve on his very first day in office,” said Dr. Dennis Kimbrough, Pastor Emeritus of Cascade United Methodist Church. “Throughout his eight years as Council President, he has demonstrated a steady hand, wisdom and the firm resolve needed to get the job done. There is no other candidate in this race with his level of competency and compassion.”

“As the son of a minister, it is an honor to receive the support of this group of esteemed faith leaders. With their vote of confidence comes great responsibility,” said Mitchell. “I am deeply committed to serving every Atlantan – no matter who they are or where they live. When I am mayor, I will continue to seek the counsel of this sage group.”

To date, Mitchell has received endorsements from a number of community leaders such as Ambassador Andrew Young and Joseph Lowery, as well as labor unions, including ASFME, RDWSU, PACE and GABWA.