Endorsement Letter from Sheila Maddox

Dear Fellow Atlantans,

Ceasar Mitchell is who we need as the next mayor of Atlanta. Ceasar’s impeccable character, his
compassion, and experience are qualities that are critical in a leader. His roots are here and this is where he and his wife Tiffany are raising their young family. Ceasar is committed to this city and doing the right thing for each of us.

Before I met Ceasar, I knew of his keen business acumen as a real estate attorney. Now having known him for many years, I can attest to his abilities, credibility, and professionalism. Given his many achievements, he remains relatable and responsive to his constituents. As President of the Atlanta City Council, he knows how to make Atlanta City Government work to benefit its citizens and small businesses.

Maintaining positive relationships is one of Ceasar’s strengths. An example is how he recognizes the importance of Atlanta Public Schools and the benefits of supporting education for students. Ceasar established a program to help thousands of students become better prepared for college entrance exams. This exemplifies his dedication to young people to help them forge a path to excellence and at the same time maintain a highly qualified pool of job candidates for employers.

Ceasar is a strong advocate for women and believes Atlanta benefits from our contributions. Further, he supports competitive wages and equal opportunities for women. It is important to him that women have the same economic opportunities as men. Ceasar stands up for all of us.

Atlanta is for everyone and “Atlanta is not for sale,” as Ceasar puts it. He understands that affordable housing makes our city stronger. There is a place for people at all levels of the economic spectrum — respecting longtime residents and welcoming newcomers.

Ceasar continues to work to keep our city safe. He supports public safety by providing Atlanta Police and Fire Rescue with the necessary staffing and tools. It is of critical importance to him that the citizens of Atlanta feel secure in their homes, at work, and at play.

Traffic is a headache for most of us and Ceasar hears us. He is pushing for viable transportation options and is working with the Atlanta Regional Commission to put better traffic solutions into practice. Ceasar is a bridge builder with the citizens, businesses, and intergovernmental entities. He will work to enhance the city’s infrastructure.

For Atlanta to remain a national and international leading city, we need a strong leader in whom we can trust. Ceasar Mitchell is that leader. He is diplomatic with a true heart and the drive to keep Atlanta moving forward. Please join me in casting your ballot for Ceasar Mitchell to become the 60th Mayor of Atlanta.

Vote Ceasar Mitchell!

Sheila Maddox

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